FLOK – For the Love Of Kids

Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.” – John 21:15

Children all over the world go to bed hungry. Even here in our own backyard there are hungry children.

Wayne County, NC Statistics 2011/2012 Provided by the Food Bank of Eastern NC Poverty is defined as a family of four receiving below $23,550 income annually Percentage of children living in poverty between the ages 0-17 – 37.4% Percentage of children receiving free/reduced lunch in the school system – 66.3% Percentage of students who receive free/reduced lunch at Spring Creek Elem – 69%

On school days, children who qualify are provided free or reduced lunches. However, weekends for some of these children are tough. They go hungry and look forward to school so they may eat another filling meal. FLOK is a weekend backpack feeding ministry, sponsored by Garris Chapel UMC that runs through the school year. Here’s how it works. Children in need of food are selected by school counselors. Backpacks are dropped off on Fridays with enough food to feed each child over the weekend. On Mondays, the children return the backpacks so that they may be repacked and distributed again on the following Friday. FLOK feeds children from many different ethnic backgrounds, life experiences, and family situations. Some of these children are hungry because their parents cannot find jobs or have physical handicaps that prevent them from working. Some are hungry because they lost everything in a fire and didn’t have insurance. And yes, there are some children who go hungry because their parents are not responsible enough to meet their nutritional needs. We are not called to judge their circumstances. We are called to love these children and FLOK gives us a way to show our love in a tangible, life-sustaining, hope-giving way. Currently, FLOK feeds 50 students per week. That’s 300 meals a week, 1,200 meals a month, or approximately 12,000 meals a school year! A typical weekend backpack costs approximately $8.00 and will include:

  • 2 cans of meat
  • 2 cans of vegetables
  • 1 can of fruit
  • 2 noodle items
  • 2 breakfast items
  • 2 juice boxes
  • 1 individual serving size milk box
  • 2 snack items

We want to continue to make this program a success, but we can’t do it without your help. Since FLOK is fully supported by donations, monetary donations are always welcome. It also provides us the greatest flexibility to restock specific food items as supplies run low. Other ways to help include:

  1. PRAY for the children and for this project
  2. Donate food (see list below)
  3. Sign up to sponsor a child ($8.00/week; or $32.00/month; or $320.00/year)
  4. Help with this project (packing or delivering)

To learn more about how you can help, please contact:

  • Sabrina Paphitis  919-751-9503
  • Sharon Cosma  919-751-5822

Food Item Ideas (Kid friendly, easy to prepare foods):

  • Canned meats (tuna, turkey, ham)
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned fruit
  • Microwaveable noodles (ramen noodles, mac-n-cheese, ravioli, spaghettios, etc.)
  • Individual Juice boxes (100% juice-low sugar)
  • Individual Milk boxes (such as Horizon)
  • Individual snack packs (pretzels, raisins, crackers, pudding cups fruit cups, etc)

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We encourage all churches to become involved in FLOK or to begin a backpack ministry in your area. If you would like to do so, please contact:

  • Sabrina Paphitis  919-751-9503
  • Sharon Cosma  919-751-5822